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Connecting the


We are an international company providing cutting-edge connectivity solutions. Our goal: to not only connect the unconnected, but reconnect the disconnected.

Why Connectivity Matters

Learn about the global state of connectivity, and where the cracks are - places with no access to the most powerful connectivity, and places that get it cut off in times of crisis.

Connectivity to Fight

Cost of Living



Texas’ Extreme Weather Pileups Point to World’s Climate Future

Our Products

Find out about myriad of solutions: the products that provide connectivity in a compact, portable form factor; the devices that power and control those products; and the software that puts that power and control in the hands of user, no matter their skill or know-how. 



Find out about how and where Polus solutions can be used:

* Times of emergency or disaster where connectivity needs to be restored quickly

* Remote industries and areas where connectivity is needed at all.

Polus Academy

We are eager to work with researchers and academics to collect and understand as much as we can about the state of connectivity around the world. Are you a graduate or professional looking for a partner in your research?

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